Inspired By Jesus

We choose to live according to HIS will by focusing on these Biblical principles:

Matt 28:19 “Go and make disciples…”
Mark 16:15 “Go and preach to all nations…”

Therefore, we teach and equip our students with fundamental Biblical principles while developing their ministry skills. We aim to raise strong Christian leaders, so that they may plant churches and serve people of different cultures, social statuses, and age groups: locally as well as globally.

Our program described in three words:
Discover – Your Identity and Authority in Christ
Grow – In knowledge of Scripture
Go – Preach & make Disciples

Our Story

Slavic Missionary Bible School was established in 2005 and was a catalyst for all the programs and schools under the current SMBS Ministries. Our vision is to teach fundamental Biblical knowledge and inspire students to participate in missionary work.

We saw a great need for our Slavic teens to have an unforgettable summer where they can experience group activities, learn life skills and become rooted in the Christian faith. Our Teens Bible School program began in 2012 and has become our most attended program within the year.

After having our original school in session for ten years, we saw our vision of going and making disciples come to reality with the opening of Intensive Discipleship Training program in 2015.

About SMBS


  • Local – Students serve the local community

  • International – Prepare missionaries through intensive training

  • Empower – Educate and equip students to return home and serve in their local church

  • Classes – Teach fundamentals of Biblical theology

  • Assist – Help recognize calling

  • Opportunities – Provide practical ministry experience

  • Support Full-time missionaries and plant new churches

  • Conduct Camps for young adults and teenagers


We believe in one God who is absolutely Holy and who exists in three forms: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and whose highest plan is the establishment of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We believe that the Bible, the 66 books of the Old Testament and the New Testament, are divinely inspired and a complete revelation of God to mankind. The Holy Scriptures have the highest and final authority in questions of faith, life, and the salvation of mankind.

We believe that Jesus Christ was pure God and pure man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ, as the eternal Word, came to earth in the flesh and lived a holy and sinless life. He died on the cross as a righteous man and a vicarious sacrifice for sinners.

He redeemed mankind from the bondage of sin, guilt, and condemnation. He was victorious over death and Satan. He rose from the dead, was taken up in glory and is seated with the Father, interceding for us as the only Mediator between God and man.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is engaged in the work of salvation on earth. He convicts mankind of sin, revealing guilt to people, as well as pointing them to the righteousness of God and the coming judgment.

We believe that God created man without sin in His own image, but man voluntarily sinned, departed from God and now stands under judgment. As a result, all people are born with a sinful nature and are spiritually dead and cut off from life and are in need of salvation.

We believe that people have only one way to salvation and that is through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Anyone who repents of their sins and receives Christ by faith, confessing Him as their personal Savior and Lord, will be saved.

We believe that God’s people are the Church and they are those who have accepted Jesus and are redeemed. The Church consist of people from all times and nations. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and all its members are united by the Holy Spirit into one complete body. The Church exists to spread the Kingdom of God through worship, through the process of sanctification and through preaching the gospel of salvation throughout the whole world.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the dead. The resurrection is for those who have accepted Jesus Christ by faith and who will be resurrected to eternal glory, and being in the presence of God in joy and bliss. The fate of non-believers is a resurrection of condemnation, in which they remain completely, separated from God and will remain in an eternal place of torment.

We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will appear in person to judge mankind and establish His eternal kingdom of righteousness and peace.

Employment at Slavic Missionary Bible School is open to qualified individuals who are Christian of good character, without regard or reference to race, gender, national or ethic origin, color, age or disability. Slavic Missionary Bible School is a religious educational ministry, permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion. All prospective and current employees must agree with Slavic Missionary Bible School’s mission statement, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the school’s statement of faith and the school’s declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity.

The Slavic Missionary Bible School admits student of any race, color, national and ethic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

SMBS Ministries Staff

Bogdan Bondarenko

Founder of SMBS Ministries

Victor Sendetskiy

Director of SMBS Ministries

Eli Zhushma

Associate Director

Alex Misyukovets

Dean of Programs

Yana Paliy


Angela Sendetskiy

TBS Representative

Diana Isak

Program Coordinator

Nastya Bailey

Trip Coordinator

Margarita Yefremov

Public Relations (PR)

Victor Zhilevich


Mark Kovalenko

Choir Director

SMBS Instructors

Roman Sheremeta

Topic: Apologetics

George Davidiuk

Topics: Spiritual Formation
Preparation for Ministry

Leo Frank

Topics: Survey of New Testament
Life of Apostle Paul

Bogdan Bondarenko

Topics: Personal Relationship With God
Victorious Life Fasting

Viktor Lebedev

Topic: Bibliology: Study of the Bible
Survey of the New Testament

Peter Pipchenko

Topics: Faith and Science
The Christian and Finances
Spiritual Nutrition
Survey of the Old Testament

Russell Korets

Topic: Effective Ministry in the Postmodern Society

Rauli Lehtonen

Topic: Missions and the Missionary Field

Roman Trachuk

Topic: Holy Spirit

Alex Misyukovets

Topic: Homiletics

Boris Shulga

Topic: Evangelism The Gospel

Yuri Doroshuk

Topic: Spiritual Life

Ivan Rusin

Topic: World Religions

Alex Muzichuk

Topics: Prayer & Fasting

Sergey Murza

Topic: Mission Mobilization; Leadership

Gennady Vitorsky

Topics: Christology; Apologetics

Matthew McCluskey

Topic: Identity in Christ

J. Lee Grady

Topic: Missions

Jeremy Henderson

Topic: Missions Mobilization

Jacob Castanon

Topic: Leadership

IDT Instructors

Slavik Cheban

Topic: Spiritual formation

Bogdan Bondarenko

Topic: Fasting

Boris Shulga

Topic: Evangelism The Gospel

Peter Pipchenko

Topic: Spiritual Life

Leo Frank

Topic: The Calling

Matthew McCluskey

Topic: Identity in Christ

Tom Yeakley

Topic: Spiritual Formation

J. Lee Grady

Topic: Mentoring

Alex Misyukovets

Topics: Discipleship in Todays Culture;

The Sabbath

Mark Baxter

Topic: Global Missions

Rocky & Terri Morris

Topic: Marriage & Family

Yuriy Bots

Topic: Discipleship

Andrey Sakhno

Topic: Spiritual Disciplines

Vlad Savchuk

Topic: Leadership

Paul Muzichuk

Topic: Mentoring Relationships

Mark Morozov

Topic: Prayer Life

Yuliya Degtyareva

Topic: Biblical Counseling