We believe that this program is primarily focused on training and sending every student on the missions field, achieving what Jesus has called us to. We understand there are many factors that can make this difficult, so we look forward to making this goal achievable. To go on a missions trip as a student after graduation, a student needs to have a passing grade, and be in good standing with their disciplinary record.

Short term and long term missions trips will consist of traveling to countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Napal, Russia, Ukraine, Honduras, Spain, areas of Asia and throughout the US.

For IDT:

You can still attend IDT even if you are not able to go on a missionary trip; however, we highly encourage you to go in order to complete your experience.

Students will not be allowed to go if academic or conduct standards are not met. Mission interviews will be conducted and preference will be given to those that have a passion for ministry, have skills, and succeed academically.